Please read our Covid-19 section before coming to studio

At PB Dance & Fitness we have implemented the guidelines below to stop the spread of COVID-19.   We require all students, instructors and visitors to the studio to abide by the guidelines at all times.  Failure to do so may result in removal from the studio with any future attendance suspended without a refund.


Do not come to class if you are ill – we cannot permit entry to anyone who is feeling unwell.


Please only enter the building 5mins before class start time – this will allow the previous class to exit the building and time for us to clean the studio.


Wash your hands on entering the studio – or use the hand sanitizer provided.


Clean your pole before and after use – you will be provided with a clean cloth on entering the studio, please do not share it with anyone and on leaving put it in the designated bucket by the door.


Limit your personal belongings – we will not be able to gather in the seating area therefore you will take your belongings over to your pole area and store them on the marked spot, so please keep them to a minimum and if possible come dressed for class to keep toilets free from washing hands.


Social distancing is required at ALL times – the poles are 2.5m apart, everyone should stay close to their pole to ensure social distancing is adhered too.  For the foreseeable future there can be NO PHYSICAL contact (no hugging, butt slaps or high 5’s).  Should you need to leave your designated pole area for any reason (visit the loo), please keep 2m away from other people at all times.


Spotting – unfortunately with social distancing guidelines your instructor will be unable to physically spot.  We will up-date this in accordance with Government guidance.  In the case of an emergency where you think you might be at risk from falling, instructors will of course make an executive decision to spot you to prevent injury.  Any such incident will be recorded so track and trace can be informed if required.


Please bring your own grip aid – we will be unable to provide or allow shared grip aid due to hygiene guidelines.  Grip aid is available to purchase at the studio.


When using the toilets please clean after use – once you have used the facilities and washed your hands please use a disposable wipe to clean everything you have touched (as per notice in toilets).


Face masks are not required in the studio – as we will be maintaining 2M social distancing at all times.  However should you wish to wear one in the stairwell, when coming and going, or popping to the loo please feel free to wear one.  We don’t recommend wearing one whilst exercising but it is your personal choice.


Try to limit touching unnecessary surfaces – e.g. window ledge, window handles, fans – please ask your instructor to open/close windows etc if required.  If you touch anything please wipe it down.


Please leave the studio promptly – I am sorry to say that we need everyone to leave class quickly  any catching up and blethering will need to take place outside (social distance please) to allow the next class in.


Payment – we will still happily accept cash in the studio but where possible please use internet banking or Paypal.


Track and trace – you agree to your contact details being passed to Track and Trace should the need arise.  If you do not agree unfortunately we can’t allow you to visit PB.


Thank you for your patience and understanding, if you have any concerns about these guidelines (or anything else) please don’t hesitate to contact Claire on 0770 987 8528                                                                                                                


Aug 2020

Etiquette & Social Distancing Policy