Please read our Covid-19 section before coming to studio

At PB Dance & Fitness we no longer have social distancing in place but covid-19 is still a concern so please be aware of a few things when attending your classes.


Do not come to class if you are ill – we cannot permit entry to anyone who is feeling unwell, especial if you are experiencing covid type symptoms or have tested positive.


Please only enter the building 5 minutes before class start time – this will allow the previous class to exit the building and time for us to clean the studio.


Wash your hands on entering the studio – or use the hand sanitizer provided.


Clean your pole before and after use – you will be provided with a clean cloth on entering the studio, please do not share it with anyone and on leaving put it in the designated bucket by the door.


Social distancing – we no longer require social distancing but is good practice to stand a good distance apart when chatting to someone. Please take the time to read their body language, if you are moving closer and they keep moving back it means they are uncomfortable with your proximity. Please be respectful of other peoples feelings regarding covid-19.


When using the toilets please clean after use – once you have used the facilities and washed your hands please use a disposable wipe to clean everything you have touched (as per notice in toilets).

Thank you for your patience and understanding, if you have any concerns about these guidelines (or anything else) please don’t hesitate to contact Claire on 0770 987 8528                                                                                                                

May 2022