Please read our Covid-19 section before coming to studio


I am feeling really nervous, what can I expect?

Don’t worry its completely natural most women do. You’ll get used to it and soon you’ll be fighting to be first up. All we ask is that you come with an open mind plenty of enthusiasm and leave your inhibitions at the door.


What do I wear?

Pole – For regular classes we usually use bare feet, for our pole jams, workshops and practising for shows we sometimes use heels.  Shorts and vest tops are best (bare limbs help you grip the pole) but if you feel uncomfortable in shorts ¾ length trousers could be worn but shorts are the preferred option. Please no body lotions to be applied before the class – it may cause you to slip!


Burlesque Routine –  If you are comfortable in heels please wear them, they help you find you strut.  Remember it is just a bit of fun so so if your not comfortable in heels just wear pumps or bare feet.


Do I need to be fit to take part?

Pole - Our levels are made up to include moves that everyone can do regardless of fitness. Obviously those who are physically fit might find some aspects easier than those who are not, but the more you come along to the classes the easier all the moves will become.


Burlesque – again you can make this as easier or as hard as you want but on a whole everyone can take part.  The more effort you put in the more of a workout you get but if your just coming along to have fun and learn how to ‘strut your stuff’ that’s all good to.


How much pole time will I get?

Much of the time it works out 1 pole per person whoever the maximum is 2 ladies per pole and a max of 10 ladies per class.  It works well having more than one person per pole as you will do a wee bit then others take their turn whilst your recover.  With one pole per person you would end up taking breaks within the class anyway, as it is really hard to pole continually for a full hour.


Is it a certain type of person that comes or can anyone take part?

Everyone and anyone are made welcome at our all of our classes, we have ladies from all stages of life coming along and thoroughly enjoying themselves.  We believe that every woman should try pole and burlesque at least once in her lifetime and you will be surprised at how addictive they can be.


Will others be able to see me?

Only the ladies attending the class, and of course the instructor, can see you. The classes have a great atmosphere as everyone is there to enjoy themselves and it is one of the few fitness classes, which I have experienced, where everyone gets behind each other and cheers each other on. It really is like a wee social network and many friends have been formed through pole & burlesque.


Can’t make the class, what happens?

Pole - When you book your space that day/time is your slot - unfortunately as we have to limit numbers in the classes to maximize learning it is not possible chop and change your time slot.  Should you give at least 48 hours-notice you are unable to attend your pre-booked class (due to work or holiday) we may be able to arrange for you to attend another class that week but this is not the norm, cannot be guaranteed and is be subject to availability.  


Burlesque - This is a weekly booked class if you need to cancel your booking you must give 24 hours notice or you will still be required to pay for the class.


Workshops - are non-refundable however if you are unable to make it if there is someone else suitable looking for the space you can transfer it to them - notice must be given to PB of the change of attendee.


Why are pole dancing classes more expensive than other fitness or dance classes?

A pole dancing instructor has many outgoings, like most other instructors (facilities, insurance and advertising) but unlike other types of dance, they require expensive equipment (poles) and class sizes need to be limited to maximize learning.  Small groups ensure there are never more than 2 per pole, but this means that spaces are limited and the cost of teaching the classes needs to be divided amongst these spaces.